Roberto Salas revisits Plaza Piedras

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Discover the profound connection between art, community, and history as renowned public artist Roberto Salas revisits his iconic work, “Plaza Piedras,” in Nestor, San Diego. In a recent interview with Amita Sharma, investigative reporter for KPBS, Salas passionately discussed the inspiration behind this masterpiece and its significance within the local landscape. Commissioned by San Diego’s Commission for Arts and Culture, “Plaza Piedras” transforms a once-empty lot near the Grove Avenue Pump Station into a vibrant space where families can walk, meditate, and reflect. Crafted from terra cotta-colored sandstone sourced from Salas’ native New Mexico, the installation features 13-feet tall pillars representing earth, water, fire, and wind. The artist’s commitment to community and cultural roots is evident, as he shares how he sought permission from ancestors before extracting the stone. “Plaza Piedras” invites interaction, with benches encircling a sand area revealing concrete sketches of the area’s history. Salas emphasizes the democratic nature of public art, a reflection of his own journey into the field driven by a desire to break free from mainstream art barriers. Read the full story of Roberto Salas and “Plaza Piedras” in Nestor on KPBS’s ongoing series about public art in the San Diego region. Explore the intersection of culture, contemplation, and creativity through Salas’s enduring contributions.