Old World/New World Exhibition at Bonita Museum & Cultural Center

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Old World New World Exhibition

November 5 – December 3, 2022

Old World/New World exhibition explores the DNA layers of his history through iconography linked to indigenous cultural roots. Growing up in El Paso, going to college in San Diego, and traveling the world, Salas’ artwork shows us how our ancestral roots and artistic traditions inform our present life.

Artworks in the exhibition welcome us to the center of family, in the kitchen, with handmade tools and recipes. The power and resilience of indigenous cultures are revealed through the iconography Salas utilizes in his daily practice as an artist and teacher. Other artworks in exhibition question the viewer as to their personal relationship and discovery of culture, as well as how their actions affect other cultures.

November 5th features an opening reception for Salas and an all day celebration, a gathering of nations, at the museum of indigenous culture highlighting the craftspeople, storytellers, filmmakers and performers who carry on artistic traditions that trace our ancestors and the evolution of humans. Salas has worked with native voices and storytellers from around the world. He is inviting them to the event for a memorable gathering.

Roberto Salas is currently creating two new public site-specific artworks for the Chula Vista marina redevelopment project with the San Diego Port Authority. Salas is a social practice artist specializing in community and community input. He enjoys spending time delivering art supplies and making art with the Pa-Ipai people near Ensenada. Through the exhibition, Salas seeks to honor the craft and artwork of indigenous people from the ancient Kumeyaay lands.

The Bonita Museum & Cultural Center is currently gathering funding to work with Kumeyaay College to create an exhibition at the museum about Kumeyaay. This exhibition would add the auditory element of the Kumeyaay language to objects. The language would be added by members of Kumeyaay College. The exhibition will be designed and implemented by Kumeyaay College. The museum is located in the Sweetwater River Valley near ancient Kumeyaay village sites.

The museum is located at 4355 Bonita Road, Bonita CA. 91902. Online find the museum at Bonitahistoricalsociety.org.

Contact at the museum: 619 267-5141
Director, Wendy Wilson
Indigenous cultures intern:
Heather Gallanja: heathergallana@gmail.com