Albuquerque, NM @ Harwood Art Center, May 4-27, 2005

In an effort to prevent further street accidents and pedestrian rollovers, artist Roberto Salas is recalling Mexican *huaraches that have been sold/soled with recycled Firestone tire treads.

Salas will be exhibiting a series of new soles with imagery designed specifically for the personalities of the recalled owners. Symbolism inspired by the owners personal histories of immigration, border relationships and professions will be playfully evoked.

The images are carved into linoleum and reattached to the huarache sandal as a new retread sole. Roberto Salas will make non traditional prints from the redesigned soles forming walking tracks on scrolls of paper. By inking the traditional linoleum plates and leaving tracks of images to suggest life journeys and border crossings, the artist integrates a contemporary process with a traditional medium.

The exhibition will highlight the final prints as well as the refurbished huaraches!

*Mexican leather sandals