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Crossing Tracks Workshop
Crossing Tracks Gallery / CLOSED AS OF JULY 2010

Crossing Tracks Gallery, located in the heart of Normal Heights at 3275 Adams Avenue, is in its fifth year of presenting an exhibition venue for contemporary artists. The gallery is operated and managed by contemporary artists sympathetic to the lack of exhibition opportunities for emerging artists in the San Diego area.

Artists are invited by the gallery curators to exhibit work in one or two person shows. Our exhibition history is diverse in terms of concepts and medium, varying from painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, installation, video and other interdisciplinary formats. Artists from the San Diego area have included Richard Keely, Yoshimi Hayashi, Peggy Ann Jones, John Dillemuth, Anna O’Cain, Gilbert Neri and Siobhan Arnold.

Artists from other areas have included David Andersen and Gene Flores from Portland, Oregon; Pamela Blotner, San Francisco; Jim Randall, New York; Dan Fuller, Albuquerque; and Gabriel Gaytan, El Paso.

Crossing Tracks Gallery continues to curate exhibitions reflective of the gallery mission and the personal, and often challenging vision of individual artists.

Past Exhibitions

Tony Richards "Skookum" Opening Reception:
Dec 7 -14, 2008 »

Clayton Llewellyn & Marie Llewellyn - Spits & Drips
Nov 23 - 30, 2008 »

Artists inspired by Dia de los Muertos - Dead On
Nov 2-9, 2008 »

Johanna Poethig - Lost Cities
Oct 5 – 19, 2008 »

Yoshimi Hayashi & Roberto Salas - Chalk Cho
Sep 14-28, 2008 »

Thomas Johnson- Measure/Counter
June 7 -22, 2008 »

Richard Keely - Bloom
May 11 - June 1, 2008 »

Siobhan Arnold - Scena II
April 13 -May 4, 2008 »

Roberto Salas - Beneath the Mask of Cultural Identity
Jan 4 - Feb 14, 2008 »

Gene Flores - Testing Grounds
Nov 18 – Dec 2, 2007 »







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